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In this paragraph, I’m going to describe why is your Premier Personalized Concierge Wedding Planner. Firstly, our team is comprised of the most dedicated, creative. In addition, accountable partners to consult, coordinate, and create your unforgettable celebration.

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Most Importantly, our wedding planners can help you find the right location, the perfect menu choices, or the correct seating arrangements.

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The team is a leader in the event industry. Our specialty is connecting one-of-a-kind celebrations that truly represent the honoree(s) with the best wedding planners available for the celebrants. It is through the details in every aspect of an event; from fine stationery, flowers, visual design, production, entertainment, lighting. Also, overall execution that an event can be the perfect medium to tell your celebration story. All of this is provided by our approved and discreet vendors. We believe in the power of storytelling and aim to evoke emotion and memories for not only our clients but all of their guests as well.

Let us help you make your dreams a reality and direct you with the right wedding planner!

What is a Wedding Planner?

wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. Weddings are significant events in people’s lives and as such, couples are often willing to spend considerable amount of money. Accordingly this ensure that their weddings are well-organized. Wedding planners are often used by couples who work long hours and have little spare time available for sourcing and managing wedding venues and wedding suppliers.

Professional wedding planners are based worldwide but the industry is the largest in the USA, India, western Europe and China.[1][2] Various wedding planning courses are available to those who wish to pursue the career.[3] Planners generally charge either a percentage of the total wedding cost, or a flat fee.[4][5]

Planners are also popular with couples planning a destination wedding, where the documentation and paperwork can be complicated. Any country where a wedding is held requires different procedures. Basically depending on the nationality of each the bride and the groom. For instance, US citizens marrying in Italy require a Nulla Osta , plus an Atto Notorio. Another is legalization of the above. Some countries instead have agreements and the couple can get their No Impediment forms from their local registrar.  Generally having it translated by the consulate in the country of the wedding. A local wedding planner can take care of the different procedures.